Welcome to the Jewish Ad Network - JANet

Bringing it all together

The JANet is proud to offer advertisers and publishers a unique and effective method for banner advertising.

JANet for Advertisers

JANet for Publishers

Advertisers seeking to reach a broad audience on
multiple Jewish web sites will enjoy:

Publishers interested in increasing monthly revenue
while maintaining the quality of their site will enjoy:

Exposure on over 24 leading Jewish web sites

Online access to statistical reports

Geo Targeting

Automatic optimization to improve performance

Compare sites and pinpoint best performing sites

Excellent solution for:
- New advertisers seeking to test multiple sites
- Advertisers seeking a broad exposure

Highest quality of Jewish advertisements

High CPM rates

Monthly Payouts

Unlimited Inventory

Ability to block unwanted ads

Online access to statistics and site performance

Latest News

  • New Services offered
    The Jewish Ad network now offers advertisers Demographic advertising (age, Gender, Marital Status etc.) in addition to its long time Geo-targeting abilities
  • New Textlink service offered by the J Media Group
    JMG announces the launch of Chosen Links. the service provides publishers and advertisers with a cost effective solution for placement of text links. 20 publishers and 18 advertisers sign up in the first week of operation.
  • Additional publishers join the JANet
    May 2010 - The JANet welcomes its latest publishers, Clevelandjewishnews, Luach.com, Boulderjewishnews and Globes (Israel's version of the wallstreet Journal) to the Jewish Ad Network.
  • Discover Card Joins The JANet
    Discover Card has recently taken a program on The JANet promoting their brand new Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards.
  • Passover Programs Join The JANet
    Many of the top Passover programs in the industry have joined The JANet to promote their programs
  • The JANet ads 3 More Publishers
    Yeshivaworld.com, Janglo.net and Torah.org join The JANet.

Participating Publishers

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