For Our Advertisers

On behalf of The JMG– Advertising Division, we are pleased to present to you a new, economic and effective way to promote your business on the Internet.

The Recently launched Jewish Ad Network (JANet) is the first and only ad network serving the Jewish niche market.

Now, advertisers have the ability to reach almost all major Jewish web publications in one single campaign – at cost effective rates!

What is the JANet?

The JANet is an ad network that allows Jewish publishers to “Pull” banners from one single “source” and place them on their site.

Advertisers who join the JANet have their banners placed on the network and those banners are “pulled” by all the publishers.

This method of advertising allows publishers to fill their remnant ad space while offering you – the advertiser – with an effective, yet affordable way to reach a wide array of publishers and viewers.

How is theJANet Powered?

The JANet is powered by third party software that will track your performance and impressions and when necessary, can automatically optimize your campaign, assuring that you get the best performance possible.

Who should be interested in the JANet?

The JANet is a powerful advertising mechanism that can be used by any advertiser. In particular, the JANet is useful for:

The JANet will:

Below, please find a list of some leading online publishers that are currently participating in the JANet (more are expected to join):
sepharic press

TheJANethas the ability to take your message to over 300,000 daily internet viewers much more than any individual publisher and provide you with the ongoing analysis and optimization to get the most out of your campaign.

To find out more about theJANet, please don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our numbers below:

United States Office:                                                                         Israel office:
Toll free: 1-877-747-1212                                                                   Tel: 02-590-9830
Tel: 323-939-9377