Our Publishers

The J Media Group is proud to invite publishers of Jewish/Israeli themed web sites to join The JANet. Now, for the first time, you have an opportunity to fill your online advertising inventory with high quality advertising while receiving high monthly revenues. Currently, The JANet can fill your inventory of the following banners sizes: 728X90, 300x250, 120X600. In the near future, we expect to add additional banners sizes (160X600 and 468X60).


On The JANet, YOU determine what ads are allowed on your site and how many impressions to allocate. With The JANet control panel you can get real time information about: who is advertising on your site, performance statistics and payout information. Payouts are made on a monthly basis directly by the J Media Group so you do not have to worry about collections or receiving payments. So, if you are interested in highest quality advertising, high payout rates and no hassles, contact us today and join the 29 leading online Jewish publishers already part of The JANET.